For expats and internationals; Brugrecht advocaten has been established and is led by Annemarie Wiesmeier-van der Brugge.

Annemarie is an attorney-at-law admitted to the Dutch Bar Association. She specializes in rental, construction, property and housing law. She has over 12 years of experience as a litigator and consultant in the field of real estate law in the broadest sense. She is a member of the Association of Rental Law Lawyers and the Association of Construction Law Lawyers.

After working for international and national law firms and having advised and litigated for commercial real estate parties and individuals, she started her own law firm ‘Brugrecht advocaten’ in 2013. In doing so, she freed herself from the shackles of the traditional law firms with their high hourly rates, hard to reach lawyers and the more profit than client focused approach.

Through Brugrecht advocaten Annemarie offers her clients in-depth knowledge and specialized legal services in an accessible, efficient, decisive and competent matter against a competitive rate. Annemarie is assertive, honest and a good listener, and with her strong analytical skills knows how to address the problem at hand in a most effective way while putting the interests of her clients first… even if this means advising her clients that they should not pursue legal actions.

Rent, Construction, Purchase/sale, Owners associations and neighbour nuisance
Annemarie can help you in all (civil) legal matters and problems concerning rent, construction, purchase/sale, owners associations and neighbour nuisance. In situations like those mentioned below Annemarie can help you:

I received the rental contract. I want to have it checked.
Am I protected as a tenant when the landlord terminates the rental agreement?
The landlord wants me to rent the house based on the Dutch Vacancy Law. What does that mean?
What are my rights pertaining to damages to the rented house?
Can I sublet the rented premises?
When the rented house is sold by the owner, can I still stay as a tenant?
The rental agreement has ended. When do I get my security deposit back?
Can I ask for a refund of the realtors fee as a tenant?
I signed a purchase agreement. Can I cancel it?
I purchased a house, but it has hidden defects. What can I do?
What percentage of the contract sum can a contractor ask me to pay in advance?
What can I do when a contractor has not done his work properly?
What can I do about neighbour nuisance?
The owners association has made a decision and I do not agree with it. What can I do?
You can contact Annemarie at Brugrecht advocaten for a free of charge and non-commital consult of a half an hour. She can be reached at 070-326 328 1 or via e-mail on


When buying a house, is a verbal agreement binding?